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2008 F1 season wrapped up

Posted by cyberdog on November 4th, 2008 filed in Formula 1

So Hamilton won this year’s title, I didn’t bother to watch the live broadcast because I knew Kimi would be solely in a supporting role for Massa, for keeping that crucial few points between Massa and Hamilton. I heard that it was quite an exciting race to watch though…… hmmmm…….. maybe I’ll ask someone who has recorded it and watch it.

Everyone said Hamilton deserves the title, actually I don’t think so! Yes he was quick in a lot of races and his car just seemed uncatchable at some point but to me, there are a lot more then just the car and the man behind the wheel. A champion is like a great leader, note that I said great leader, not just a leader, you got to have that certain charm or personality to become one. For example, George Bush is a leader, but he is a very lousy leader and he will never be a great leader. Right now, Hamilton is just like Bush! I mean, just look at that arrogant smile he has, if he’s not black, I’d seriously think that Bush was his father!

Here is the thing though, I’ve been a Kimi fan since he started racing F1, I just know that he is the quickest driver out there but there have always been something wrong with either his car or himself! Is it just bad luck or I, among ten thousand other people out there, are wrong about him? But the fact that Kimi had most of the fastest laps in this season can only tell you that he is definitely not slow, he just always have some issue with the car or that he’s just not too happy about the feeling of the car, but when the feeling is there, he just flies!

There are many articles or news reports right now that talks about Hamilton, Kimi and Massa but this one really caught my eyes!

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