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We don’t need clean air in Hong Kong – said the HK Government

Posted by cyberdog on November 28th, 2008 filed in Volkswagen

Here is the problem with the environment in Hong Kong! Since most of our heavy industries moved to China in the recent years (or was it the recent twenty years or so, hmmm….. anyway), our biggest problem with air pollution come from cars. True, there are many models of hybrid cars they are importing from Japan, ranging from small size family car to SUV to even 7/8 seaters. The Hong Kong government even have some kind of reward programs for people who use hybrid cars like cheaper road tax and stuff.

But let’s face it, how much energy a hybrid SUV can save, no really, it’s like asking a 300 lbs fat ass to cut some of his expenses by eat only half of what he NEEDS, notice I said “need” not “usually eat”. It’s simply a marketing scam and not only people are buying it, our stupid government is buying it too! From what I know, the main problem with hybrid cars in Hong Kong is that there are simply too many twisty mountain roads in Hong Kong and if you know how those hybrid car’s operating system works, you’ll know that those hybrid cars are mainly running on their internal combustion engine instead of their electric motors! In fact, a friend of mine drove his friend’s Pirus on Clearwater Bay Road for a few days and he concluded that the average gas milage of that car on that road (he’s a real estate agent in that area, so he goes back and forth that road many times everyday) is around 16L/100km! Ouch!! My R32 which is a 3.2L six cylinder car only needs around 15L for each 100km on that road in average, go figure!

So is there any hope for us in Hong Kong for a cleaner environment? Actually the answer is yes and no! Why? You may have asked yourself many times why isn’t there any European hybrid cars on the market, not just Hong Kong but anywhere else in the world. Well, the answer is simple, because there aren’t any available! The Europeans don’t believe in giving electric motors the main lead role in a car because our technology hasn’t caught up with that yet. It seems though, our prayer for a better hybrid car, has finally arrived, or at least there is an actual plan for producing such a car from the European car makers.

Volkswagen announced that they will trial a fleet of 20 TwinDrive Golfs early next year with the German government. VW claims that this concept Golf, which features a twin powerplant design with an electric motor for city drive and an internal combustion engine for longer trips, has a combined output of 176HP (that’s more horsepower then the current Golf GT and my old VR6) yet it averages only 2.5L/100km in fuel consumption! Just so you know, the Pirus has 146HP and averages 4.2L/100km and we know Japanese measure their HP before the transmission while Europeans measure theirs with transmission and everything in place, so if you really want to compare, the 146HP in European term would be something like 120-130HP!

Bad news for us though, this car, or as far as I know any European hybrid car, uses diesel for the internal combustion part of their engines because, LISTEN TO THIS YOU STPUID HK GOVERNMENT, they can now make very clean and environmental friendly diesel engine. In fact, almost all of the European diesel engines nowadays are cleaner then most gasoline engines!

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