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First batch of mods are in the house for my R32

Posted by cyberdog on December 5th, 2008 filed in Volkswagen


42 Draft Designs order - gauges and dog bone mount

Finally! I ordered these like 2 or 3 months ago. Pretty much as soon as I got the R32, the first thing I needed to add was an oil temperature gauge. Seriously, I don’t know what the Germans are thinking nowadays, I mean, we use to have oil and coolant temperature gauges as standard features. My Mk2 16V GTI had them, my Mk3 VR6 had them, but all the sudden, the Germans decided that just coolant temperature is good enough for us. I guess it’s perfectly fine for a normal car, but this is a .:R and they should put them in as standard!

I’ve been MD’ing with the R32 over the past months and believe me, not knowing what my oil temperature is really annoyed me especially when I had that knowledge ever since I started driving.

In this order, I also ordered the dog bone mount for Mk4 hoping that it could smoothen that annoying kick while shifting. Anyway, I’ll take them all to the garage next Wednesday and have them installed!

3 Responses to “First batch of mods are in the house for my R32”

  1. pepinot Says:

    kakkaaaa… those r old fashion gauges that u got used to..
    had read vortex year ago, that some mod /w vag-com can allow the oil temp display on stereo display or centre display. -_-“

  2. cyberdog Says:

    not on stereo display, they should be on the a/c display, but I tried and couldn’t figure out which one is the oil temperature. For the display on the center, you need a whole new instrument cluster change for it to happen!

  3. pepinot Says:

    Oh ic…
    Personnally, I like the old fashion gauges as well. ^_^

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