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1st MD after the gauges install

Posted by cyberdog on December 21st, 2008 filed in posted by iPhone

Got the gauges installed last week and have my first MD with them this morning. Like I kept saying, I needed the gauges in the beginning, but I end up wanting the dog bone more!

So how was the dog bone? First of all, it definitely has more vibrations. Note that there are, to me, two kinds of engine vibrations. The annoying I am a heavily mod car kind of vibration and the solid let’s give you what you really have kind of vibration. The dog bone is definitely not the annoying kind.

Over the last week, I couldn’t help but to question myself if VW made a bad choice by not using this kind of harder material on their stock transmission mount. I mean of course, you can’t really use them on the normal cars, but I don’t think the GTI or .:R buyers would mind trading a tiny bit of comfort for a much smoother shifting and the close to instant power feeling!

Anyway, words from HPA told me that my CVP stage 1 and Haldex competition controller is almost ready to ship, I just wish that I’ll be able to get everything done by Chinese New Year!

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