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Tge 7 level of people opening a door

Posted by cyberdog on September 26th, 2011 filed in penny

imagine you are at a mall, what would the different stages of people do and think at one of those big glass door.

the opportunist would, no doubt, rush to open the door for himself and himself alone, he might even knock over someone in the process.

a diplomat would, I’m pretty sure, open the door for almost everyone even if that someone is so far away that he’d need to wait 5 minutes for him to come over.

an expert, interestingly, would probably be calculating the energy he needs to hold the door open and/or the time it’d take for this old man to slowly walk through the door while he’s holding it.

the achiever, on the other hand, would determine what’s the most effective way to get everyone through the door quickest and if he couldn’t be sure, he might forget about the rest of them and just walk through it himself.

as for the rest of the levels, I’m sure you can fill in the blanks……

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